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Galvanometer is the historical name given to a moving coil electric current detector. When a current is passed through a coil in a magnetic field, the coil experiences a torque proportional to the ...

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Boat In Current

A boat in a river current is a good example of relative velocity. Assume the rower heads straight across the river but due to the current the boat is carried downstream.

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Magnetism Demo

Instructions on how to make high magnetic fields without the need for large currents

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Lenz's Law

A moveable diagram including current flow and magnetic field lines that shows how the movement of a bar magnet influences the induced current in a stationary conductor.

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Electric Current

Definition and links to related information. Electric current is the rate of charge flow past a given point in an electric circuit, measured in coulombs/second which is named amperes.

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Magnetic fields due to electric currents

Shows magnetic field patterns for wire, single turn coil and solenoid.

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Convection in a Box

Brief description of some experiments with smoke in a closed box, with normal convection currents and odd effects, includes diagrams and discussion of effects.

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Voltage and current

A good explanation of what are current and voltage?

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Electric Shock

The primary variable for determining the severity of electric shock is the electric current which passes through the body. This current is of course dependent upon the voltage and the resistance of ...

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Magnetic Dipole Moment

From the expression for the torque on a current loop, the characteristics of the current loop are summarized in its magnetic moment

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