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Thermodynamics / pressure chamber.

Allows you to perform gas law experiments including density / molecular weight variations. A very good site for demonstrating variables in the gas laws.

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That Sinking Feeling (Water Temperature and Density)

Why does the water always seem colder at the bottom of a lake?

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The Hall Effect

Mathematics of Hall voltages and measurement of sheet density and mobility of charge carriers.

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The Atmosphere

A collection of fun and interesting practicals all related to the atmosphere and weather, covering temperature, density, and pressure

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Refractometers are measuring instruments which are based on the principle that as the density of a substance rises), it's refractive index rises proportionately.

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The scientific secret of "aura" photography

An explanation Schlieren photography, often used to reveal air flows from objects by making changes in air density visible.

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Crater Impact Simulator

Play with an asteroids size, density, angle and speed and simulate what difference it makes to the impact.

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Hyperphysics - The Nucleus

Relative scale models of an atom, descriptions of size and density of the nucleus and the strong force, with good links to other sites

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Archimedes' principle

This site gives a colourful description of Archimedes principle, buoyancy, density and specific gravity.

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Lord (John William Strutt) Rayleigh

Biography of Lord Rayleigh (1841 - 1919), who received the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1904 for his investigations on the density of gases, and for his discovery of argon.

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