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Quadratic Formula

This is a basic JAVA script calculator which will work out quadratic equations for you.

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Inconstant moon

Multimedia guide to the moon including a phase calculator which lets you see what the moon will look like at any time of year. Visually attractive site

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Interactive timeline

Timeline covering the history of the pocket calculator and many other innovations from Texas Instrument's History of Innovation section.

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The MELTS supplemental calculator

Melts is a software package for modeling crystallization of magmatic systems. This page allows more detailed use of the package.

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Graphing vector calculator

Learn about Vectors and Vector Operations by sketching and playing with them, A+B, B+A, A-B etc. Draw the vectors then add, subtract etc.

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Colour Coded Resistance Calculator

A simple program to help students calculate the resistance of a certain resistor. A very easy and simple site that works well and looks good.

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Speed of Sound Calculator

A simple program that allows you to calculate the speed of sound according to temperature humidity and pressure.

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Escape Velocity Calculator

Use this site to find the velocity for a body to escape orbit.

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Moon phase calculator

Does exactly what the title suggests provides an image of the moon as it would appear on your chosen date (1800-2199 AD). The depiction of lunar surface features suffers geometric distortion but the ...

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Eculator is a free web app with a comprehensive collection of formula modules. Each module has its own calculator and graph page. Formulas are categorized eg. Electricity, Gravitation. It also has a ...

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