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Radiation Heat Transfer

Page giving the Stephan-Boltzman radiation equation.

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Earth’s radiation belts

A short description of the Van Allen radiation belt that surrounds the Earth.

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Alpha, beta and gamma radiation

Comprehensive info on the three most important kinds of nuclear radiation and their uses.

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Radiation, 60 years later

An introduction to various aspects of radiation such nuclear waste and weapons - lots of topics covered in light detail.

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A Brief Chronology of Radiation and Protection

Though many of the discoveries in radiation were made during the 19th Century there were scientist as early as 500BC contributing to the knowledge of the subject.

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Radiation and risk

Interesting info and stats about the risks of exposure to nuclear radiation. Includes a wide range of referenced sources.

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Radiation and birds - Not so blindingly obvious

Scientists have found more cataracts caused by radiation in birds near the Chernobyl site.

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Cherenkov Radiation

Electromagnetic radiation emitted when a charged particle gives off energy as it moves through a transparent medium faster than the speed of light in that medium.

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Nuclear Radiation

A good overview on the basics of radioactivity : the different types of radiation, sources, uses, dangers of radioactivity etc

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Radioactive dose

How does ionising radiation affect people, what risks arise from radiation exposure, and how can such risks be minimised? These question and more are addressed on this excellent site all about ...

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