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Fundamental Forces

This page describes in detail the four fundamental forces of nature.

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Forces, Moments and Pressure

Revision pages for UK GCSE level covering forces, moments and pressure. Clear and well presented, includes animated diagrams and questions.

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Exchange Forces

All four of the fundamental forces involve the exchange of one or more particles.

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Inclined Plane

Java Applet showing constant velocity motion of an object up an inclined plane - showing magnitudes and angles of forces to demonstrate vector nature of forces

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Unbalanced forces

Revision tips on unbalanced forces

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Roller coaster G-forces

Discussion of roller coaster rides and the forces experienced.

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Basics of magnetism

Introduction to magnetic fields and forces.

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Fundamental concepts of force

A very basic introduction to forces.

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Net Force

A demonstration of multiple forces that acts on an object.

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A summary page linking to many concepts relevant to forces.

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