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Forces and Motion

A collection of interesting experiments dealing with friction, rockets and aerodynamics, illustrating Newton's laws.

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The Bicycle and the Engineer

The site is an exploration of some of the engineering concepts needed to design and understand the functioning of a bike, including materials, aerodynamics and propulsion.

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How Airplanes Work

A brief description of how Airplanes fly, providing an introduction to aerodynamics. From

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Experiments on the physics of many popular sports, including cycling and automobile aerodynamics, frisbees and sailing.

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A collection of interesting experiments dealing with air pressure and aerodynamics.

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Tennis Sport Science

A good introduction to the mechanics of tennis, with lots of content about the aerodynamics and forces at play.

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A beginner's guide to kites

This NASA site focuses on the aerodynamics of kite flight, including the kite modeler applet which allows you to test out different designs.

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The Science of Cycling

An interactive site covering virtually all the science associated with cycling: history, gears, materials, braking, steering and aerodynamics.

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Insect Flight

An article describing how a computer simulation of rapidly oscillating wings and the complex motions of fluids has proved that insect flight conforms to the physical principles of aerodynamics.

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Paper Airplane

Investigate aerodynamics by organising a paper-airplane flying contest.

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