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Willis Eugene Lamb, Jr

Willis Eugene Lamb, Jr (1913 - ) research has been on the following subjects: theory of the interactions of neutrons and matter, field theories of nuclear structure, fluctuations in cosmic ray ...

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M-theory, the theory formerly known as Strings

A discussion of string theory and a new direction called M-theory.

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String theory: From Newton to Einstein and beyond

A good introduction to string theory, with a brief history of how physicists have attempted to find a 'theory of everything'.

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Grand Illusions

A collection of visual illusions, tricks and brainteasers that you can view on screen or try for yourself at home. Also an online shop.

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History of Quantum Theory

Chapter from a 1959 book by Werner Heisenberg. Sketches the history of the development of quantum theory starting from black body theory.

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Why String Theory?

If you're confused by string theory check out this site. A good site explaining string theory.

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Prince Louis-Victor de Broglie

Prince Louis-Victor de Broglie's (1891 - 1987) work was chiefly devoted to the study of the various extensions of wave mechanics: Dirac's electron theory, the new theory of light, the general theory ...

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Immovable Spacetime

This site explains in mathematical detail the theories behind space time and relativity.

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SUPERSTRINGS! String theory tutorial

A guide to string theory - this site tries to make this accessible without the maths.

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Band Theory of Solids

This site gives information on band theory of conductors semiconductors and insulators.

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