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Second Law of Thermodynamics

Good explanation of the second law of thermodynamics with diagrams to help.

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A site with many pages relating to thermodynamics, many links, (see comments), and diagrams. This may be a useful site for advanced level users.

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Heat and Thermodynamics

Introductory page leading to many other pages on hyperphysics, each dealing with an aspect of heat and thermodynamics

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First Law Of Thermodynamics

Basic introduction to the first law of thermodynamics.

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Entropy and the laws of Thermodynamics

A brief outline of entropy and the laws of thermodynamics, including the history of the investigation of heat energy

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What is the second law of thermodynamics?

An explainer about how the second law of thermodynamics is used.

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Thermodynamic Equilibrium

This Java applet is designed to simulate the diffusion process which occurs when gases of different temperatures are mixed.

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A short summary of enthalpy and thermodynamic potentials, with links to information on related topics.

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Percy Williams Bridgman

Percy Williams Bridgman (1881 - 1961) research concerned the effects of high pressures on materials and their thermodynamic behavior.

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Josiah Willard Gibbs

Josiah Willard Gibbs (1839 - 1903) was a theoretical physicist and chemist whose application of thermodynamic theory changed the way of thinking for a large part of physical chemistry.

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