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Aerodynamics in sport

How aerodynamics influence the flight of a boomerang, the shape of a racecar and more.

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Tennis Sport Science

A good introduction to the mechanics of tennis, with lots of content about the aerodynamics and forces at play.

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That's the way the ball bounces

The first of several pages looking at why balls bounce or fail to bounce. Part of the Sport Science section of the San Francisco Exploratorium.

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Hovercrafty - Marvin and Milo

A Marvin and Milo activity about friction. All you need is an old CD, blu tack, a sports capfrom a drinks bottle and a balloon.

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Any curler knows that a curling rock, rotating counter-clockwise (when viewed from above and behind) curls to the left. Simple text page explaining this winter sport.

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Sport academy: Tennis technology

A BBC page on the latest technology in tennis, covering balls, racquets, speed guns and hawkeye ball tracking.

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The Science of Hockey

The Science of Hockey is the first in a series of "Sports Science" resources developed by the Exploratorium. This site takes you inside the game: you'll hear from NHL players and coaches from the San ...

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Skateboard Science

A website developed by the Exploratorium to uncover the science of this dynamic sport. Learn the underlying physics of ollies, nollies and kickflips and the manufacturing process involved in making ...

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The physics of curling

The physics of the sport of curling looking at all the factors which contribute to the curl.

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