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How Night Vision Works

A brief description of how Night Vision works using image enhancenment or thermal imaging, from Marshall Brain's A good overview of the use of infrared imaging and its applications.

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Medical Physics Quiz

A quiz created for International Day of Medical Physics 2013.

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How Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Works

A brief description of how Magnetic Resonance Imaging MRI works and its applications in medicine.

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MRI Scan

Excellent non-technical introduction to MRI scanning for medical purposes.

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Scanning Tunneling Microscope

Brief description of this very powerful imaging technique.

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The basics of MRI

A comprehensive online book about MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)

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How fMRI works

Read about how functional magnetic resonance imaging allows us to see brain activity

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Introduction to fMRI

An explanation of functional magnetic resonance imaging which measure brain activity

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Inside story: Physics in Medicine

A series of games which allow you to explore the human body and treat disease using the latest medical technology.

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Nano in medicine

Part of the Nano&Me site, this page details medical uses for nanotechnology.

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