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Prince Louis-Victor de Broglie

Prince Louis-Victor de Broglie's (1891 - 1987) work was chiefly devoted to the study of the various extensions of wave mechanics: Dirac's electron theory, the new theory of light, the general theory ...

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Spin and Polarization

Essay on one aspect of quantum mechanics

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One dimensional kinematics

A comprehensive course on mechanics with links to a range of other topics

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What is Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle?

An explainer about one of the fundamental equations behind quantum mechanics.

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The Physics Department

Uses text and animations to describes the concepts of mechanics, waves and light.

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Physics Tool Kit

Site for purchasing software for computer generated mechanics experiments.

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Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics

A text heavy but very informative site covering a lot of ground in theoretical physics.

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Elastic Potential Energy

Teaching notes with interactive examples and clear graphics. Links to other areas of mechanics.

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Electrons and Magicians

A mathematical site which looks at the quantum mechanics of spin and entanglement , and an experimental idea that contradicts the mathematics.

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Copenhagen Interpretation

This is a good explanation of this important development in understanding quantum mechanics. It has many links off to further information on the people and ideas involved.

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Showing 11 - 20 of 71