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Bragg Spectrometer

Description of x-ray diffraction with clear diagrams. Includes calculations.

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NPL Beginners' Guide - Mass

How do you define a kilogram? An introduction to the standards set for mass measurement.

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Center of Mass

A short explanation of centre of mass with an interesting animation.

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Conversions - Mass

This site allows you to convert between a wide variety of mass unit.

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Atomic, Molecular and Formula masses

How to calculate atomic, molecular and formula masses

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Explorescience: Driven Harmonic Motion (1 mass)

Apply a driving force to a mass between two springs. This activity helps you understand natural and resonant frequencies. Subscription site but with 30 day free trial.

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Mass Energy

Simple exploration of the Einstein rest mass/energy equation. Part of a larger site which includes many definitions and links.

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Mass on a spring

The site gives a practical demonstration of various mass suspended on a spring and how the equation of motion is calculated

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Molecular Constants

A given volume V of any ideal gas will have the same number of molecules. The mass of the gas will then be proportional to the molecular mass.

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A simple pendulum is one which can be considered to be a point mass suspended from a string or rod of negligible mass.

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