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Reeko's Mad Scientist Lab

Simple experiments for the enthusiastic student (and teacher?) covering a very wide range of subjects - many could be done at home

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Super sparker

Make your own static electricity sparks with this fun experiment to try at home.

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Crystal grower

Grow your own sugar crystals at home with this easy experiment.

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Science experiments to do at home

Very clear and easy to use site. Good instructions and explanations of principles. Fun to do, and even alerts to "mess factor".

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Physics in the sink: Dancing water

Wield the power of static electricity in this experiment to try at home.

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The color of the sky

A simple explanation of why the sky appears blue when the sun is high and red at sunset. A brief description is given of a home experiment to demonstrate the effect.

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Remote Lab

A site where you can do your own real experiment by using your webbrowser. Experiments involving robots, wind and electrolysis.

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Allstar Airfoil Experiment 1

Simple description of basic Bernoulli lift experiments - including animations.

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Steve Spangler Experiment Library

A collection of simple science experiments covering a wide range of topics.

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Energy is often defined as "the ability to do work," and Energy makes the world go around, you might say. If you want to know more look at this site as it has interactive demonstrations and ...

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Showing 11 - 20 of 278