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Virtual Library: Physics

A page of links to other sites, mostly about acoustics, astronomy and particle accelerators

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Art Ludwigs Sound page.

A very detailed site about sounds and acoustics, using the authors room as a case study.

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Sounds Amazing

A nice site designed to help students to understand sound and waves, very well presented. There are acoustic and audio related web demonstrations and experiments.

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Can a singer's voice shatter glass? (resonance)

Find out the truth behind this claim in this article about acoustic resonance from scientific american.

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Waves, sound & acoustics

This site gives an overview of the physics of sound through a series of links to relevant articles.

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Voice Acoustics: an introduction

A comprehensive article explaining how the voice works, looking at how different parts of the body absorb certain sounds to how sound is created by the vocal chords.

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String Instruments

A list of various instruments (violin, viola, cello, double bass, acoustic guitar and electric guitar) with information on how they work and the physics involved.

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Physics of Benaroya Hall

An information site on the acoustics of Benaroya Hall, Seattle's state-of-the-art performance hall.

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Physics and Acoustics of Baseball and Softball Bats

Investigation into the physics of baseball bats including calculations. Some movie sequences of ball and bat impact and a theoretical model proposed.

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