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Packing Universes In Spacetime

Every lightcone contains infinitely many nearly complete, mutually exclusive, lightcones. This page looks at the maths of this, and its use as a cosmological model.

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The Universe Adventure

This fantastic site deals with cosmology : the study of the structure, history, and fate of the Universe. It's the place to go whether you want to know more about dark matter, how our universe formed ...


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Will the Universe expand forever?

Will the universe go on expanding forever and what is the shape of the universe? Read how we are trying to find the answers to these questions.

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Misconceptions about the universe

The expanding universe is a complicated place. This video explains how faster galaxies can move faster than light and how we can see light from beyond our observational universe.

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Geometry of the Universe

What is the shape the universe and what does it mean for how the universe is going to end?

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Stephen Hawking's Universe

Stephen Hawking's Universe: explains some of the most important ideas and developments in human understanding of the universe. The Web pages include original essays in cosmology, original ...

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How Big is the Universe

A simple article from NASA which tries to show how big the Universe is and how long it would take to travel between stars!

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How Big Is The Universe?

If the solar system was the size of toilet cubicle how big would the universe be. Find out in this delightful animation.

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The Scale of the Universe

This interactive page allows you to explore the universe and how we measure size, from the incredibly small to the incomprehensibly big.

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Secrets of the early universe

Read how satellite observations of cosmic microwave background can tell us a lot about how the universe formed.

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