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Plane polarised light

A simple, easy to understand explanation of polarised light, using the analogy of a piece of string.

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This page explain what polarisation is, and how light can be polarised using filters, reflection, refraction or scattering.

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How 3D digital movies work?

A page from HowStuffWorks explaining how 3d films like Avatar work using polarised light.

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How Sunglasses Work

A good article with several pages covering various points on different types of sunglasses including polarised glasses.

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Polarization of light

This wave diagram shows how an incident beam of white light is polarised using filters. Includes a thorough description.

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A Polarizing Discovery About the Big Bang!

Minutephysics looks at how polarised light in the cosmic microwave background (CMB) gave rise to the discovery of gravitational waves.

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Polarization of Light

Detailed information on polarised light and information on its use in sunglasses and LCD displays.

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