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Amazing plasma

A beginners' introduction to plasmas.

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MSSL Plasma Physics Group

This site has some good information on plasma, aurora and the magnetosphere.

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Magnetic Confinement Demonstration!

As part of the Internet Plasma Physics Education eXperience (IPPEX) project, the purpose of this program is to demonstrate the difficulty of trying to contain a plasma inside a tokamak by using ...

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Plasma Science and Technology

This website representing all aspects of plasma science and technology has been prepared as a service for the general public as well as for the educational and research communitites.

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Electrons, Ions and Plasma

Read about electrons and ions, how they make a plasma and the aurora

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Glossary of Plasma Physics and Fusion Energy Research

Provides plain-language definitions of more than 3600 technical terms in all areas of Plasma Physics and Fusion Energy Research.

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Space Weather Center

Thought the weather was weird on Earth? This site will introduce you to space weather, featuring plasmas, stars, solar wind , the magnetosphere and much more.

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A great starting point for learning about nuclear fusion physics, plasma and tokamaks.




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A magnetohydrodynamic generator has been described as a magnet on the tail of a jet engine. A super-hot plasma is created, ionizing the atoms of the fuel mixture.

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The Earth's plasmasphere

An introduction to the plasmosphere, a region of dense, cold plasma that surrounds the Earth within the magnetosphere.

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