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Telescopes from the ground up

A site detailing the history of telescopes, from Galileo's telescope to the Spitzer space telescope.

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Galileo 's telescope

An interesting site about galileo's telescope and the advances it brought about.

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How to build a telescope

Instructions for building two simple telescopes.

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Telescope Basics

Introduction to various types of telescopes: Galilean , Newtonian etc.

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The Telescope Review Web Site

Contains many detailed reviews and related articles on telescopes and their use in astronomy.

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The Galileo Project

Information on the life and work of Galileo Galilei and on the science and scientists of his time. A very comprehensive study with an invaluable searchable database. Encyclopedic!

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Why a telescope in space?

A series of images and questions about space telescopes such as hubble.

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Galileo Project Information

A site containing details of the Galileo project and the results received in this mission to study the atmosphere of Jupiter.

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Galileo Probe Legacy

Sets out the mission objectives and results from the Galileo probe, with some multimedia images and answers to FAQ's.

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Galileo - Europe's GPS

Galileo is Europe's own global navigation satellite system. This page explains how it works and why Europe needs it.

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