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What is friction?

Very simple explanation of why friction exists and the different types of friction.

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Air Friction

Air friction, or air drag, is an example of fluid friction.

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Friction: slowing things down

An interesting page on various aspects of friction.

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A few good definitions relating to friction.

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Free body force diagram block on an inclined plane

Shows how the normal force, friction and total force change when the body's weight, the coefficient of friction or angle of incline are changed.

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Roll With The Changes

An activity about friction - The force that slows you down and gets you going - investigate

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Forces and Motion

A collection of interesting experiments dealing with friction, rockets and aerodynamics, illustrating Newton's laws.

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Frictional force

Animation to show how three blocks will move with different masses and coefficients of friction, including a mathematical analysis

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Force and Work Java Applet

Interactive via mouse activity with numerical and graphical display. Mass and coefficient of friction can be varied.

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Newton's Second Law With Friction

Experiment to show how the mass of a body and/or force on a body can affect its kinetic energy.

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