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Photoelectric Effect

Simple demonstration of the photoelectric effect using different coloured filters to alter the frequency of light reaching a metal plate, and the current changes accordingly.

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The Leidenfrost Effect (video)

The Leidenfrost effect explains why water sometimes 'rolls' off a hot plate or frying pan, and how some experts can dip their hands into liquid nitrogen or even molten lead without hurting themselves

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The Leidenfrost effect

Great video of the Leidenfrost effect including a maze built was water to zip around.

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The Electrowetting Effect

A video about the electrowetting effect, which change the shape of a liquid droplet.

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When Water Flows Uphill

A video about exploiting the Leidenfrost effect which can be used to make drops of water race around a maze.

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Photoelectric Effect - Will electrons be ejected from the metal?

Worked example to find out whether light will cause electrons to be emitted from a metal.

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