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Capillary action

A page explaining how capillary action works and how it helps you to mop up a spill a paper towel.

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Capillary Action

Capillary action is the result of adhesion and surface tension. Find out all about it on this excellent site.

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How capillary action makes water go up

Witness capillary action yourself with this experiment you can try at home.

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DC generator action

A diagram showing a dc generator working, on which the frequency of ration is adjustable. The results are seen on an analogue meter, and an oscilloscope screen. Useful description of the commutator.

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Explore Big History

Interactively explore the timeline of the universe.

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Fowler's Physics

Various applets allowing results to be taken for demonstration purposes.

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Celery at midnight

How do plants transport water? An experiment using celery and paper towels to demonstrate capillary action.

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Line Rider

A fun toy that lets you build a sledge run and then test it out. You'll need a good feel for the laws of motion to get results!

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Seeking the Cosmic Dawn

A look at the results from BICEP2 detector in the south pole which gives evidence for inflation happening at the start of the universe.

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Water Properties

Properties of water including state changes, adhesion and cohesion, capillary action and surface tension.

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