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Auroras - paintings in the sky

A beautifully illustrated site with detailed but straightforward explanations of the Aurora Borealis (or Northern Lights ) phenomena with links and teachers' notes

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Aurora watch UK

This site monitors geomagnetic activity visible from the UK and you can sign up for free alerts to notify you whenever aurora is likely to be seen from the UK.

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The Aurora

Site gives information on, and images of, the Aurora Borealis. This includes regular forecasts of auroral activity over Alaska and the northern hemisphere.

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How epic solar winds make brilliant polar lights

A summarised view of how the aurora is formed.

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This site gives daily information on solar flares, geomagnetic storms, Earth's aurora, and all forms of space weather.




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The Aurora page

Good images of the Auora Borealis, summary of the science and links to a tutorial and an in-depth article from Tromso Museum.

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When energetic charged particles enter the earth's atmosphere from the solar wind, they tend to be channeled toward the poles by the magnetic force.

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MSSL Plasma Physics Group

This site has some good information on plasma, aurora and the magnetosphere.

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Northern Lights photos

Presentation of pictures, photographs, articles and links related to the Aurora Borealis, or northern lights.

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Electrons, Ions and Plasma

Read about electrons and ions, how they make a plasma and the aurora

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