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Atmospheric Pressure

The fundamental SI unit of pressure is the Pascal (Pa), but it is a small unit so kPa is the most common direct pressure unit for atmospheric pressure.

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Air pressure page with fascinating facts all about atmospheric pressure. Did you know that you have one tonne of air pressing down on you?

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How air pressure affects you

This page from NASA tells you all you need to know about atmospheric pressure. Find out why your ears pop or have a go at flying a hot air balloon.

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Atmospheric Pressure and altitude

From the companion website to several recent NOVA programs on Mt. Everest. This page looks at the effects of air pressure at high altitudes.

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Atmospheric pressure video

A short, funny film explaining the basics of air pressure and its influence on weather. Nominated for the SciCast competition.

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Bill Nye The Science Guy: Classic demonstration featuring fire and atmospheric pressure.

Bill Nye demonstrates what happens when a water balloon is placed on the mouth of a bottle after a flame is dropped inside. A good experiment about air pressure.

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Boiling Point

The boiling point is defined as the temperature at which the saturated vapor pressure of a liquid is equal to the surrounding atmospheric pressure.

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GCSE Physics: Pressure

An introduction to pressure which discusses various everyday applications and the relationship between pressure and surface area.

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The physics of diving - pressure and buoyancy

A site about diving, examining how pressure affects divers and how they can fall victim to the bends.

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Under Pressure

Ever wondered why it hurts so much when someone wearing spiked heels steps on your foot? It's all about pressure.

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