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What is time?

Plusmagazine interviews experts on everything from the beginning of time to time travel.


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Time travel

Read about Carl Sagan and Einstein's views on time travel

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Is time travel possible?

A video looking at the physics behind time travel.

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Wormholes and time travel

Page from howstuffworks explaining wormholes and how they could be used for time travel.

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Accelerated Travels

A look at the combined effect on distance from an origin of distance traveled and relativistic effects during accelerated travel.

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Einstein Inspires Dr. Mallett's Dream of Time Travel

A great video explaining Einstein's theory of relativity and how it alter how time runs.

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Ask-a-Scientist Archive

Argonne National Laboratory question and answer page, with questions on all topics from ice skating to time travel.

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The Big Bang time machine

Get in the time machine and travel back to the big bang.

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Light travels in straight lines

Short video demonstrating how light travels in straight lines

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MIT Museum

The MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Museum. A selection of online resources and exhibitions from Time Travel to Holography and Robots

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