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50 Highlights of Space Travel

A great timeline showing the major achievements in space travel over the last 50 years.

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Interstellar Travel Please

Mae Jemison, the former NASA astronaut and the first African American woman in space talks about interstellar space travel.

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BBC - Space exploration

A portal with loads of information about space missions, research, space travel and more.

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Accelerated Travels

A look at the combined effect on distance from an origin of distance traveled and relativistic effects during accelerated travel.

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What's a space elevator?

A page on space elevators and how they could spark a revolution in space travel.

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Space exploration

After only a century of powered flight, we have escaped the confines of planet Earth, and forged our way into the vast expanse of space. Explore the past, present and future of space travel on this ...

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Space Educators handbook

A mixed bag of teacher resources on space travel, some historical information

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Can We Power a Space Mission To An Exoplanet?

A quick look at 5 different propulsion types we could use to travel long distances in space.

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Appealing, very visual site covering all aspects of space from the solar system to astronauts and space travel, includes a teachers section. Great fun!

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Race to Mars - Known effects of long-term space flights on the human body

Read about the effect of space travel from feeling sick to bone loss and muscle wasting.

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