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Space Exploration

An in depth NASA page about space exploration, with information on everything from spacecraft and past missions to the everyday living conditions of astronauts.

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Students for the exploration and development of space

A site which contains good links (astronomy based) and lots of information about space exploration. More for the student with astronomy as a hobby than a detailed educational resource.

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BBC - Space exploration

A portal with loads of information about space missions, research, space travel and more.

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Space Day

Includes a vast amount of information regarding space, space exploration and associated topics.

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NASA Space Exploration

NASA's Exploration Systems Mission directorate, with information on current programs and projects.

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Space exploration

After only a century of powered flight, we have escaped the confines of planet Earth, and forged our way into the vast expanse of space. Explore the past, present and future of space travel on this ...

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Mars Exploration Fun zone

A fun site about Mars exploration, with activities and games. Pack your bags for space travel, find out how much you weigh on Mars, or make a map of the red planet.

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Why Space?

Why should we spend millions on space exploration when the money could be spent here on earth? This is one answer to this.

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Space exploration can drive the next agricultural revolution

Why we need plants to prepare ourselves to explore deep space.

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A directory of ways to participate in space exploration, interact and connect with the space community through participatory projects and the like.

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