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Que tal in the current skies

A useful astronomy based site for finding what is visible in the night sky at 40 degrees (N) latitude. Useful links to other sites.

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Star Journey

Journey through the stars, view the nighttime sky using the star chart, with overlays of Hubble Space Telescope images. Visit the Star Attractions highlights of the heavens or take a look at the ...

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Why is the sky dark at night?

If you think the answer to this question (known as Olbers' paradox) is obvious, think again.

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Earth Guide

Fantastic interactive site answering questions about our planet e.g. Where does the the sunlight that hits Earth go? Where does the Sky become space?

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Auroras - paintings in the sky

A beautifully illustrated site with detailed but straightforward explanations of the Aurora Borealis (or Northern Lights ) phenomena with links and teachers' notes

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Your sky map

Excellent site allowing you to customise sky maps for own location and date. Outstanding site: very useful for observing the sky.

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The constellations and their stars

What are constellations? Looking at constellations, interactive sky charts and much more. A very comprehensive site, with a lot of info for amateur/serious astronomers.

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The Digitized Sky Survey

The Digitized Sky Survey comprises a set of all-sky photographic surveys in E, V, J, R and N bands conducted with the Palomar and UK Schmidt telescopes.

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Sky View is a virtual observatory on the net generating images of any part of the sky at wavelengths in all regimes from radio to gamma ray.

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Why is the sky dark at night? video

A short film explaining Olbers' paradox and its most probable solution.

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