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The Science of cooking

Discover how a pinch of curiosity can improve your cooking! Explore recipes, activities, and webcasts that will enhance your understanding of the science behind food and cooking .

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The Physics of Cooking

The science of food, heat and cooking. How do microwaves cook food? What is the difference between convection ovens and normal ovens? What is Pyrex and how does it differ from other cookware?

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Nanotechnology and the Food Industry

A pdf magazine article outlining the role of nano particles in the food industry and how making changes to the structure of a food at the nanoscale can affect its properties -eg to create reduced fat ...

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Explore Big History

Interactively explore the timeline of the universe.

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Squishy Circuits

An activity to do at home to explore the world of circuits. Make two types of dough, one that carries electricity and one that doesn't, to create all sorts of circuits and explore how they work.

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Food Navigator website

Putting the WOW into reduced fat foods

A podcast on the development of water-in-oil-in-water emulsions as a way of reducing the fat content of foods.

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Fowler's Physics

Various applets allowing results to be taken for demonstration purposes.

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Khymos blog

Blog all about molecular gastronomy and the science of food and cooking, with recipes and tons of useful information.

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Line Rider

A fun toy that lets you build a sledge run and then test it out. You'll need a good feel for the laws of motion to get results!

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Seeking the Cosmic Dawn

A look at the results from BICEP2 detector in the south pole which gives evidence for inflation happening at the start of the universe.

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