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Big bubbles

Who doesn't like bubbles? Learn how to make the best bubble mix and pick up some fun ideas for making all different sorts of bubbles.

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The physics of beer bubbles

Researchers are looking at how sound bounces of bubbles in beer. This can tell them how the fluid is moving around the bubbles and has consequences for studying volcanic eruptions or monitoring food ...

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Stout Beers

A personal homepage of a mathematician in Ireland talking about physics of stout beer, including why bubbles affect the flavour, why bubbles sink and how bubbles start.

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How bubbles may help treat cancer

Bubbles are being used to deliver drugs to the body in a more targeted way.

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Do bubbles in Guinness go down?

Optical illusion or physics-defying bubbles? The answer is here.

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Experiments with less familiar bubbles - bubbles of water.

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Mathematics Of Beer Bubbles

Mathematicians analyse beer bubbles to peer deeper into the structure of materials

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Sinking Bubbles in Stout Beers

Mathematical models looking at the flow of bubbles of in your stout beer, like guinness.

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Helium Bubbles!

This site includes a short QuickTime movie illustrating bubbles full of helium.

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Falling stout bubbles explained

BBC news story of why bubbles fall in stout beer

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