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How Atoms Work

A great explanation of atoms, including the development of atomic theory and the structure of the atom. From

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All about atoms

Basic information about atoms and their structure, attractively presented and including some 'fun facts' about atoms.

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Atomic structure

Information on the basic structure of atoms, and an overview of our historical understanding of atomic structure.

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The structure of an atom

A simple page on atomic structure. Aimed at GCSE level, but suitable for anyone.

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Schroedinger's Atom

A page explaining Schroedinger's model of atomic structure, with nice graphics showing the wave nature of electrons around the atom.

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Structures on All Sides

A site that allows you to look at structures from tunnels to bridges to skyscrapers and decide which design should be used where.

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Build It & Bust It

Build and test structures on you computer, information on structures and construction. The site is a little slow to respond, but it has some nice touches.

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The Phantom's Portrait Parlor (the Atoms Family)

Well presented site which considers Phases of Matter, Spectroscope of an Atom, Paper Cutting and Mighty Molecules.

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Elements as Atoms

Many of the ideas of quantum mechanics which went into the model of the hydrogen atom can also be used to understand helium, oxygen, copper and iron - in fact all of the elements.

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