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The Physics of Light and Color

An in depth guide to light, optics and colour, covering wave particle duality, reflection, refraction, waves, diffraction, polarisation, birefringence, colour temperature, human perception and more.


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Fiber Optics

Light source can be moved into an optic fibre. The angle of the beam can be altered. Passage of light through the fibre is displayed, illustrating Snell's law.

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Optics Applet

This applet allows users to simulate standard optic elements (lens, mirror, dielectrics, sources, apertures) and observe the ways that light rays propagate through these elements.

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Science, optics and you

A huge collection of tutorials about all aspects of light, optics and microscopy.

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This website aims to promote and advance science, technology and business opportunities for the optics and photonics community. Has a good selection of technical resources.




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advanced demonstrations on various aspects of optics.

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Optics for Kids

With a series of questions and answers the site takes the user from basic light principles to lenses in glasses and telescopes, and lasers. There are useful links and an optics glossary.

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Center for X-ray optics

A data bank relating to energy levels, x-ray properties of elements, synchrotron radiation, optics and detectors, with miscellaneous data.

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Definitions for many aspects of optics.

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Light & Optics - Online meteorology guide

An excellent guide to atmospheric optics: meteorological effects such as rainbows, halos and red sunsets, explained using basic physics.

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