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Scattering Concepts

Index page within Hyperphysics site that leads to all pages on scattering topics including Rutherford Scattering.

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Rutherford Scattering

Definition of Rutherford scattering: The scattering of alpha particles by a thin sheet of gold foil.

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Optical tweezers research page

Page from Glasgow university with basic info on optical tweezers, including details of the iPad app the team developed. Also has some videos of particles being manipulated by optical tweezers.

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Scattering of light in the atmosphere

Find out how light scattering makes the sky blue and clouds white.

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Rutherford Scattering: Thomson Model of an Atom

A simulation of the Rutherford scattering experiment.

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From lenses to optical instruments

A page covering the basic optics behind telescope design, magnifying lense and optical instruments.

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Sandlot Science - Optical illusions

An extensive interactive site featuring a large number of optical illusions with explanation.

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Optical tweezers

A handy guide to optical tweezers, explaining how they work and some good examples of their applications.

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Compton Scattering

Arthur H. Compton observed the scattering of x-rays from electrons in a carbon target and found scattered x-rays with a longer wavelength than those incident upon the target.

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Optical tweezers simulation

Did you ever imagine that you can use light to move a microscopic plastic bead? Use the optical tweezers to manipulate a single strand of DNA and explore the physics of tiny molecular motors.

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