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Magnet man: Cool experiments with magnets

Almost every aspect of magnetism dealt with comprehensively with illustrations, many links and a great number of straightforward magnetism experiments.

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Brief definitions for topics related to magnets incluging electromagnets, hysteresis and magnetism.

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How magnets work

An explanation of magnetism from How you make magnets, why they stick and some common myths about magnetism.

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Neodymium Supermagnet

Some simple demonstrations using strong rare earth magnets

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A series of ideas and magnetic models for teachers to make, including a levitating magnet.

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Superconducting levitation

A collection of videos showing how superconductivity can be used to levitate a magnet - also known as the Meissner effect.

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Ising model

Simulates the behaviour of simple magnets. Allows you to choose initial temperature, gives a visual picture of the changing spins and calculates energy and magnetization.

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Magnetic Formulas

A small web site devoted to the vanishing art of practical magnet design without FEA (Finite Element Analysis).

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A magnetohydrodynamic generator has been described as a magnet on the tail of a jet engine. A super-hot plasma is created, ionizing the atoms of the fuel mixture.

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Brain-controlling magnets: how do they work?

Transcranial magnetic stimulation or TMS alters the activity of the brain allowing certain parts of the brain to be temporarily deactivated.

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