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Aerodynamics in Car Racing

An excellent minisite looking at aerodynamic design concepts of racecars.

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Aerodynamics in sport

How aerodynamics influence the flight of a boomerang, the shape of a racecar and more.

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Bicycle aerodynamics

A comprehension set of notes explaining bike aerodynamics.

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Principles of Aerodynamics

A range of activities on aerodynamics and fluid mechanics.

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Paper Airplane Aerodynamics

Detailed information on the aerodynamics involved in making paper airplanes, including why they look different to real planes.

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Parachute aerodynamics

The Parks College Parachute Research Group has created this site for the high school and college student doing basic research on the aerodynamics of parachutes.

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The returning trajectory of a boomerang involves the aerodynamic lift of its airfoil shape plus the gyroscopic precession associated with its rapid spin.

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Aerodynamics Calculator

A calculator for aerodynamics students

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Introduction to how airfoils aid lift and the aerodynamics surrounding this.

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Beginner's Guide to Aerodynamics

A resource for secondary science/technology teachers with plenty of activities and reading.

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