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Lagrangian Points

A great explainer about Lagrangian points

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Conjugate Points

The object point and image piont of a lens system are said to be conjugate points.

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Boiling point

A simple description of what boiling points are, and how they vary according to pressure.

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Focal Length

For a thin double convex lens, all parallel rays will be focused to a point referred to as the principal focal point. The distance from the lens to that point is the principal focal length f of the ...

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Saturated vapour pressure and boiling point

Uses kinetic theory to explain the boiling point of water and how it can vary.

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Interference between two waves (point source)

This java applet let you play with two point sources and watch the effect of interference. Wavelength can be changed and path length is shown.

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Boiling Point

The boiling point is defined as the temperature at which the saturated vapor pressure of a liquid is equal to the surrounding atmospheric pressure.

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The points where the ecliptic crosses the equatorial plane of the celestial sphere are called equinoxes. On those dates there are 12 hours each of daylight and dark.

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Distance Relationship

What is the distance between two points and is a straight line the shortest root?

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Do we need the telephone?

Very interesting section about the telephone from the National Museum of Science and Industry covering intriguing history points.

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