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Einstein Online

A great site about Einstein's ideas with lots of information on special and general relativity, cosmology, gravitational waves, black holes.


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Special relativity

A comprehensive introduction to special relativity, the fourth dimension, curved spacetime and general relativity.

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General Relativity Tutorial

Introduction to relativity suitable for university level students. Useful links to other sites.

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Gate of Time & Relativity

Detailed site that covers the theory of special and general relativity in a concise form.

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General Relativity

One of a series of informative chapters on the Foundations of Modern Cosmology.

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General Relativity and Cosmology

A pdf document set out in note form which discusses topics such as the cosmological principle.

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Falling: How To Meet Einstein In An Elevator

A great insight into general relativity using the changing accelerations of lifts.

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An Exact Solution

In general relativity the speed of light is a tensor whose value depends on the coordinate system, location and direction of travel.

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Anomalous Precessions

The precession of the orbits of inner planets, especially Mercury, cannot be accurately described by Newtonian theory but are in close agreement with general relativity.

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Lecture notes on General Relativity by Sean M. Carroll

Course given at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and issued Spring 1996. Links to other relevant sites.

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