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Acoustic Calculators

A range of calculators for doing acoustics calculations.

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How do acoustic boards work?

Brief description of how acoustic tiles absorb sound and why a snowy night is so quiet.

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Visit  'Acoustic levitation' used to develop more efficient drugs



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NPL Beginners' Guide - Acoustics

An introductory guide to acoustics covering all sorts of areas including decibels and the nature of sound waves.

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Basics in Music Acoustics

A thorough guide to music acoustics, covering general principles but also a detailed look at different musical instruments including the guitar, violin, didgeridoo and human voice.

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Acoustics: Looking for a sound career move?

A brief review of career opportunities in acoustics.

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How Acoustic Guitars Work

A brief description of how acoustic guitars work. This site is part of Marshall Brain's

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Acoustic and vibration animations

An amazing site constantly under development with brilliant animations of waves as pressure maps and as particle motion effects. The site includes information on all types of waves from acoustic to ...

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Acoustic Illusion

Anechoic chamber designed with boxes and straws

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The Wave Theory of Sound

An introduction to the physical principles and applications of acoustics.

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