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Restaurant Founder



Physics, chemistry, maths, further maths


Physics and philosophy degree at Oxford.

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Henry runs the successful Leon chain of restaurants.

"My job is very varied. One day I can be cycling around the restaurants and meeting the banks to talk over numbers the next."

After finishing his physics degree Henry worked as a journalist, then a management consultant. Being a consultant kept Henry on the road travelling a lot and was he struck by how poor the food was. "There was lots of awful coronation chicken. I knew there must be a way to do food that was both good and quick. Some people said it wasn't possible, but I never believed them."

He launched Leon in 2005 and has expanded to more than 10 locations in and around London.

"Working for yourself is always hard. It is a competitive environment. You have to be at your best every day to thrive. You need stamina, a sense of humour, a love of food and an analytic mind. And this is where my physics degree helps. Numbers are important, as is understanding the chemical changes to food when you make it in bulk. But physics gives you a robust logical sceptical mind, which is perfect for any kind of business pursuit. My advice for students at a crossroad: do the subjects that you enjoy most and try to study as broad a range of topics as late as possible."


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