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Science Communicator

Heather, after a 15 year stint as a weather presenter for BBC Scotland now works as a science communicator.

She studied physics after her highers, "I really enjoyed atmospheric physics at university, and so I decided to take up a job offer from the Met Office after my degree". Although Heather's now uses her physics knowledge to advise Glasgow Science Centre and the Scottish Government on science education, she is keen to point out how essential it has been to her career as a forecaster. "It's not just that you need to understand physics to predict the weather; all the technology, from the rocket that launches a weather satellite into orbit, to the telemetry that collates millions of weather observations uses physics. The multi-processor supercomputer that models the time evolution of the weather systems, the graphics programme which translates the raw numbers into a visual representation of the forecast, and of course the TV studio itself, complete with its data projection screens, remote cameras and digital editing suites - none of them would have been possible without physics."


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