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Sound Engineer

Tony works as a sound system engineer for music artists like Kylie, Il Divo and Bob Dylan.

"There's a lot of physics in sound engineering, from the acoustics to radio waves." Tony got into sound engineering whilst at university. "A few friends formed a band. The drummer was doing physics with me, the singer was doing medicine, and the keyboard player was doing law. I started mixing the sound for them."

Tony soon began working for bigger name bands, and now tours all over the world. His physics background helps him prepare for concerts. "Before a gig starts, I get up on the front of the stage and use laser measuring tools to get the measurements of the room. I then use software to do a 3D model of the room, and put the speakers in that model. I'll adjust the angles and height and direction of the speaker system to try and get the most even [sound] coverage for all of the audience area," he explains.


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