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Weather Forecaster



Physics (University of Nottingham)

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Steff works for a TV news network as a weather forecaster.

After completing her A-levels, Steff decided to continue with physics rather than maths at university. "Obviously there's a lot of maths in physics, but I far preferred physics, there is much more of a link to the real world."

Steff now works for the news network Al Jazeera. She's also clocked up appearances on the BBC, Sky and Channel five. "I even appeared on Richard and Judy once," she adds. "I certainly wouldn't be where I am today without physics, I use physics every day. It's the backbone of meteorology (the science of predicting the weather)."

Steff is keen to point out that forecasting isn't just about working out whether or not it's going to rain tomorrow. "Forecasters also use computer models to predict what will happen to the Earth's climate in the long term. As the effects of global warming become worse in the coming years, the role of a meteorologist will become increasingly important."


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