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What subjects should I choose?

Physics at A-level or Higher Grade can be a bit mathematical at times, and so it is best to take maths as well (at least to AS/H).

"For me maths is the language through which you do physics. It helps if you do maths at A-level [or Highers]. Others in my class didn't do maths and they did okay, they just had to work a bit harder." [David]

Many students choose to combine physics with one of the other sciences such as chemistry or biology, while others who are thinking of becoming an engineer or architect combine physics with design-technology or art.

" I knew I wanted to be an engineer, but I wasn't sure which type. That's why I chose physics; you pretty much need physics to do any engineering degree."[Naomi]

But there is no need to follow the crowd. Physics and maths can be combined with just about anything.

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