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What's physics like at A-level or Higher Grade?

You will already have come across some of the concepts of physics at GCSE or standard Grade: forces, energy, waves, radioactivity, electricity and magnetism. At A-level and Higher Grade you will start to see how these ideas work together, and begin to grasp the universal principles that apply to everything from the smallest atoms to the largest galaxies. You will also be able to impress your mates by knowing how things like MP3 players and plasma screen TVs work.

"It's a bit of a jump from GCSE to A-level physics. But by the end of my A-level physics I started understanding the links between different areas and it really changed my outlook on the world." [David, renewable energy manager]

"You study things in much more depth at Higher Grade, but the experiments and practicals really help to understand the science" [Annie, radar project manager]

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