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Time Twins

Time Twins

Fight off aliens to save your twin brother in this Einstein Year game. This page requires the Adobe Flash Player, download Adobe Flash Player.

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Aliens have stolen your time machine! You've reached their base, which is traveling away from earth close to the speed of light. The problem is, because of relativity your twin back on earth is ageing much faster than you.

In this platform game you collect the pieces of the time machine, avoiding the aliens, and travel back to earth before your twin becomes old and smelly.

Mission Data

Time Twin

According to Einstein, if you travel close to the speed of light in a spaceship but leave your twin back on Earth, when you return you'd be younger than your twin! That's just one of the weird and wacky ideas that come from special relativity.

Lasers (Laser Guns)

The light waves in a laser beam all travel in phase and the beam doesn't spread out much (unlike normal light). This means that laser light can travel huge distances without losing intensity or focus - making lasers great for shooting aliens!


Teleportation is a way of producing a perfect copy of something in another place without any physical link. Einstein called this "spooky action at a distance"! Unfortunately, it won't be possible with teddy bears for a very long time - if ever.

Higgs Boson

Scientists haven't found the Higgs Boson yet, although they have been looking for years. If they do find it, this particle will explain why things have mass!

Floating Platforms

Electromagnetic fields can be used to levitate magnetic objects but true levitation, which lasts forever with no energy input, requires the object to be diamagnetic (it repels magnetic fields). Scientists have levitated a sumo wrestler this way!

Beagle 2

A British space-probe, designed to explore Mars and look for signs of life. Beagle 2 never called home but other Martian probes have been more successful.

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