Superposition: physicists and artists in conversation


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Covariance has been chosen as the name for this first artwork commissioned by the Institute of Physics in its Superposistion series which pairs physicists with artists.

The term covariance is itself mathematical but used in physics; it is the measure of the association between random mathematical variables. Put less technically, covariance is a measure of the degree to which a change in any number of unrelated things is unified when their environment changes around them.

Covariance is an apt name for the installation for many reasons. First it reflects the journey Lyndall and myself continue to take together, learning from each other and discovering new ideas. Secondly it speaks of the underlying symbiosis in the piece of the visualisation of experimental and design of particle physics detectors.

Most importantly, however, I feel are the links between the production and location of the installation and that of particle detectors around the World. Every aspect of the design, construction and installation of Covariance draws massive parallels between the design, construction and installation of a particle physics detector. Its home of the subterranean ice wells of the London Canal Museum also fits the homes of the massive detectors.

Come to the London Canal Museum to see for yourself; Covariance opens to the public at the end of this month, tickets and more info here.

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Martin Sach
Martin Sach said:
We are looking forward to a fantastic installation at London Canal Museum. Tours are limited so be sure to book early. See or to go straight to book go to

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