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Female computers

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A capital YES re the labour involved in making the work, at the moment it seems endless! What I've found most difficult is the intensity; I'm making most hours of the day, every day and have been for the past two months. It's very intricate work, mostly using tweezers and I have to wear gloves, which I hate, to keep finger prints off the acrylic.

I often see the labour-intensive work I make as a private performance and there is always a strong conceptual link to each individual work. During my conversations with Ben I came across an image of a woman collating data from bubble chamber experiments in 1970. Thousands of women were employed to do this work; they were actually called computers. The image became a strong influence for me and has directly affected my choice of using glass beads and diamantes, which are more commonly used in women's craft. You could say I'm aligning myself with the work ethic employed by these women.


Credit: Rutherford Appleton Laboratory and the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC)

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