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Packing, transporting and installing!

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Pretty much re the packing of discs; each will be labeled and packed in order, so they’ll be easy to find in sequence when installing. There’ll be a lot of boxes; about 35 roughly the size of an archival box. By the time I finish they’ll form a rather large wall running down the middle of my small office! It’ll take a day to install the framework, a day, possibly two to hang the discs and up to two days to do the lighting.

Yes re catching up with Dale and Michael from M&M Welding Fabrication Ltd; they’ve been great to work with. The metal frame, which consists of 6 concentric circles attached to a cross section will be made from aluminium and powder coated a gun-metal grey, will be suspended from the ceiling of the ice well. The discs will be linked to each other and the framework with brass rods. The outer concentric circle is 3 metres in diameter, the inner 1 metre.


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