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Grids and concentric circles

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I’m doing most of the work myself, producing about 6 discs a day. I’ll have occasional help from Grace, another artist. She had her first day on Wednesday, cleaning brass rods with eucalyptus oil and cutting them into the necessary lengths, then sticking on numerous clear diamantes – I think she enjoyed herself!

The colours are blue (sky and turquoise), green (emerald), orange (bright and topaz) and red (ruby). The discs decorated with clear beads and diamantes are in concentric circle patterns, to represent the physical structure and aesthetic appearance of particle detectors; the colour discs will have grid patterns, to reflect one of the ways Ben analyses his research data. The rainbow colour spectrum is university employed to symbolize particle detection and activity in detectors – red being the highest intensity; blue the lowest. Here’s a photo of some of the materials I’m using, which gives a good sense of the colours.

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