Superposition: physicists and artists in conversation

Dreaming up all manner of props....

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Our recent meeting focused on how light is generated in the detectors and how the information relating to the detection of individual particles is represented graphically. The time of detection and the particle’s speed  is shown by using the rainbow colour spectrum; the results are extremely visual, artworks in their own right. I’m keen to incorporate Ben’s optimisation plots into my work somehow, I really love the use of colour and like the detectors themselves, the repletion of the circular form. I’ve always had a wee fetish for coloured dots!

I’ve been thinking a bit more about what the resulting work might be, don’t want to get too carried away with ideas just yet though, not until we know where the installation will be. I’d like to incorporate ice and/or water somehow, maybe through either video and/or photography. I’m beginning to feel a little like a set designer on a sci-fi film, dreaming up all manner of props!


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