Superposition: physicists and artists in conversation

Little worlds inside clear acrylic spheres

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I’ve been doing some web research on particle detectors, they’re all amazing. I love their subterranean quality, in that they’re either under the ground, sea or ice. All rely on darkness in order for light to occur which indicates a particle has been detected. I definitely want to investigate working with light and the circular form (which is repeated in all detectors), hopefully in an underground location, if we can find one! Before our next meeting I want to experiment with making some objects that reflect my thoughts – little worlds inside clear acrylic spheres. Have just worked out how to include light, in a ‘Heath Robinson’ kind of way, using an LED light and watch battery, ingenious! Materials wise I’ll use clear glass beads and diamantes, to play with the light; there’s also something slightly naughty about using low tech materials to reflect cutting edge technology and research. I’m curious to know what Ben will think of them?

Credit: IceCube Collaboration

Credit: Propriety KM3NeT Collaboration. Source.


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